About Warren & Melanie Mcneil

Real Estate Sales Representatives

Whether you're buying or selling a home, a realtor can only help as much as you let them. Together, you will making decisions that dramatically affect your lifestyle and financial future. To get the most out of the experience, you're going to need to share all of your wants, needs, hopes, and dreams, with someone that you may hardly know. It's a relationship that requires a lot of comfort, trust and confidence.

Melanie and Warren McNeil are a husband and wife team that immediately put their clients at ease with their light- hearted personalities, and low-pressure approach. Both are very personable and possess great senses of humour; Warren's is witty and a little wry, often eliciting Melanie's generous and infectious laugh. They like to have fun and don't take themselves too seriously but when it comes to their work, they really mean business. “We are very dedicated,” Melanie states, with Warren adding “and we're 100% available to our clients when ever they need us.” They can quite easily be in two places at once, and that availability is just one of the benefits that comes from their teamwork.

Melanie came from a background in sales and had strong general interest in homes and decor. In 2004, she became a realtor. About her decision to get into real estate, she says, “I only wish I'd made it sooner. At the time, Warren was building a career in IT but found the time to do some of the background support to help Melanie. The more he did, the more he enjoyed it and in 2007, he became a full-time realtor himself. It wasn't something that he'd ever really seen himself doing but he credits his wife with helping make the transition to a completely new industry very smooth. "Melanie really paved the way, and set me up for success from the beginning."

Both have found their current profession to be much more satisfying and rewarding than their previous ones, but their different paths and personalities make Team McNeil stronger and more well-rounded than either would be on their own. Their different tastes and interests connect with different clients. Even their approaches are complementary; Melanie is a little more old school, focusing on traditional advertising and open houses, while Warren's tech savvy adds an internet and social media presence. For all the differences between them, the most important things are the ones they share. “But, at the end of the day,” Melanie reports, "we have the same values and the same goals."

Melanie and Warren McNeil are proud of what they do, and take great pride in how they do it, but they are reluctant self promoters. You won't find their faces on bus-stop benchs, because "that's just not us," and word-of-mouth referrals keep them busy enough. Warren notes, "chances are that if we're working with someone, it's because they know us or know someone who does." It certainly is easy to get to know them, they are both very active in the community. Both are heavily involved in the Kin Club of Woolwich, where Melanie is currently the President. More than that though just meeting them, however briefly, gives you a sense of who they are and what they're about. As Melanie says, "We don't put on a show. We're the same at work, as we are at home, or if you run into us at the grocery store." It's an assertion that long-time friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, unanimously confirm.

The pair don't often slow down but when they do, they spend that time with their family, and their two dogs. When they get the chance, they also love to travel. Both agree that Hawaii is their favourite destination, but with her trademark smile, Melanie concedes "We'll settle for just about anywhere with sand."

For more information about buying or selling your home, please contact Melanie and Warren McNeil, Sales Representatives, of Peak Realty Ltd, Brokerage, at (519)-747-0231
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